NOTE: This is HF radio. There will be constant white noise and static crashes and other  noises....just the nature of the beast!!

This Feed will Host Several Amateur Radio HF Nets Around the Nation.... Most Of These Nets Will Occur During the Evening Hours EST You May ONLY Hear one sided conversations from MY Station due to Band Conditions This is NORMAL. Many More to Come when we find them... Even Though this Station is Located in Dillon County, South Carolina. Stations can be Heard WORLDWIDE including YOUR current location We are using an Icom IC-R75 Receiver ONLY Antenna is a Dipole Hung at @50 feet between some Pecan Trees

If You got or want to Hear a Net on HF That does NOT conflict with the nets below...Please email me the Frequency, Day and EASTERN Time that the Net takes place...This is a First come First Serve Basics...ONCE a time slot is filled its gone...We can't host conflicting nets during the same time slot...

Follow me on Twitter @WW_HF_Nets. We Will Tweet The Frequency you are listening too...

Thanks For Listening. Feedback is Welcomed.

Email me with any questions or concerns @ [email protected]

All Times Are Eastern

3.915 mHz - 7pm / 0000 UTC - South Carolina Single Sideband Net

3.923 mHz - 6:30pm / 1130 UTC - North Carolina Traffic Net

3.923 mHz - 7:30pm Daily / 0030 UTC - Tar Heel Emergency Net

5.330.50 mHz - Mondays at 8pm / 0100 UTC - Piedmont 60 Meters Net

7.180 mHz

7.251 mHz - Daily 8am til 1pm / 1300 UTC til 1800 UTC - SouthCars

14.300 mHz - The Maritime Mobile Service Network

Statewide in the following states; TX, LA, MS, AL, FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, VT, and ME.